…in the beginning

…in the beginning

The Preacher –

Some of them wanted to stop there, some of them even wanted to turn around and go back. But let me tell ya [Sam Heil], we’re nodding them to turn back, we’re nodding them to stop here, we’re them that move on! We them that get greater than God! We got a greater, expectation than we had when we started! I can’t stop here. Hallelujah, I can’t stop here because I’ve already tasted, Hallelujah, of the heaven and calling. I’ve already, Hallelujah, I’ve already tasted of the work of God. Hallelujah, I’ve already tasted of the belief in God, I’ve already tasted, Hallelujah of my God! I can’t stop here. I CAN’T STOP HERE!!!


Marianne Toilet –

A long time ago in the darkness

A woman lay scared and alone

In pain from the labor

She cried and wailed and moaned


She called out to the heavens

Why hath God forsaken me??

As she gave birth to the first child conceived

And delivered… rectally


The baby had been born from the depravity of the world

The child could not even tell if it was a boy or it was a girl

The adolescent despaired and clung to the morals of deceit

Cami Traumatic –

And the adult, Marianne Toilet. Here with havoc to wreak.