Gentleman and a Scholar

Marianne Toilet –

You are so special to me.

That’s why I treat you like a queen.

That’s why I’ll always open  the doors for you.

Cami Traumatic –

You are so sweet and polite.

You make sure I’m always safe at night.

That’s how I know your love for me is true.

Marianne Toilet –

When you’re not around I just wanna hold you in my arms.

Cami Traumatic –

Sometimes I wanna say don’t be a pussy just fuck me!

Come on and pull my hair! I can take it just ram me in the ass!

Marianne Toilet –

Feels like I’m walking on air!


I just want to cuddle with you all day and night

Cami Traumatic –

Or you could spank me! I’d also like it if you’d bite

Marianne Toilet –

I wanna take you on walks along the shore

Cami Traumatic –

Are you kidding me?? Just take me and break me ’til I’m screaming for more!

Marianne Toilet –

I’ll rub your feet when you’ve had a long day and tuck you in at night

Cami Traumatic –

How are you not getting this? Just rip my clothes off, bend me over the table and fuck me!

Just cum in my my eye! Stuff me like a turkey and cover me in gravy!

Marianne Toilet –

You are the apple of my eye!


Cami Traumatic –

It’s not that I don’t appreciate the things you say, the things you do

But sometimes I want you to degrade me and bate me and act like you’re a brute!

I’m not some porcelain doll who’s fragile and easy to break

Come on and split me in two I know you can do it JUST FUCK ME!


Come on give it to me hard (Just Fuck Me!)

Come on I want you too! (Just Fuck Me!)

Pretend I’m your high school bully’s sister! (Just Fuck Me!)

Your dick is a bowling ball and I’m a bunch of pins! (Just Fuck Me!)

I’m a bad zit and you need to pop it! (Just Fuck Me!)

Okay that was pretty disgusting…

Just fuck me