Frat Guy in the Closet

Frat Guy in the Closet –

Marianne Toilet –

Sometimes I fantasize of fucking a girl, who has a penis

But it’s a girl so it’s really not gay, I’d jack her off and then I’d maker her say


Cami Traumatic –

You’re not gay, it’s okay. I’m a chick so it’s cool if you suck on my dick.

You’re not queer, have a beer! That’s not shame on your face

Marianne Toilet –

That’s cum!

Cami Traumatic –

So don’t be disgraced…

Marianne Toilet –

It gets better. It gets better.


Marianne Toilet –

I’m not a homo or a fag, I really like chicks!

Pimp d’Crip –

With dicks!

Marianne Toilet –

So what!

With a dick you know exactly when they cum.

You feel complete like your job was well done!


I’m not gay, it’s okay, I just don’t believe girls when they some SO THEY SAY!

Bitches lie, makes me cry, I just don’t trust they’re done unless there’s cum in my eye!



How can we forget? Bitches be full of shit!

How do we know they really came? With a dick there’s no denying!

What’s so wrong if I like sucking cock? We all like popsicles and eating hotdogs.

It’s American as apple pie, who’d hate a monster with only one eye?


Cami Traumatic –

Awwwww that’s sweet!

Marianne Toilet –


Cami Traumatic –

Like Sesame Street!

Marianne Toilet –

Yeah, for porn!

Cami Traumatic –

God dammit, why do you have to ruin everything?

Marianne Toilet –

Yeah! Like I ruined your sheets… and your dressed… with my sperm.

Look…Let’s finish the song


Sometimes I fantasize of fucking a guy…a gir…a guy…SHIT!!! GOD DAMMIT!!!!

I RUINED THE SONG!! Now I have no choice but to open up and speak my truth!


I’m gay!