Marianne Toilet and The Runs CD Review from Italy!

MARIANNE AND THE TOILET RUNS is a comedy rock band as we read from their facebook page. Honestly I have never heard such a label, but let’s see if we discover that if they are given. Certainly not go unnoticed the way they present the somewhat eccentric stage. But we’re not talking about the way of dressing or straighten the band in a live performance, but their album entitled EARGASMS FOR YOUR genitals.

The aforementioned disc begins with the track titled In the beginning, the track that begins with a harrowing and spoke angrily. Then came sounds quite evocative and profound that kidnap for sure the listener’s attention. The talked about before become austere and sang sporadically accompanied by a second voice or a chorus.

Then came Fifi and things start to movimentarsi. The singing is grotesque, full of vehemence and accompanied by sounds of rock n ‘roll and hard rock. Frat guy in the closet of slow and soft: is a song which then shows both melodic and hard rock. The music of this band is focusing on a show, the twist here is explained why the term comedy rock. Listening to their album is almost impossible not to imagine the band members on stage with the voices that run like cats and dogs.

Gentleman and a scholar is happy and serene like a lot of music on this record that sometimes leads slightly nell’Indie in Alternative rock and rock. You never reach strong tones and disc listening is quite pleasant and pleasing. Their lyrics are overtly provocative and irreverent, testiche tend emphasis and exaggeration.

Lawnmoving is solemn and impressive. Here, as elsewhere, the vocals are full of charisma and authority in his sometimes be so aggressive. In this band we can not fail to recognize euphoric originality, originality that elevates it above the ground and the door immediately to the attention of the listener with melodies often well-aimed and rough sound waves arriving at the appropriate times. sumptuous solos often go through their songs as happens in Lawnmoving. The latter, in my opinion, is the most striking piece of this disc with her being particularly poignant.

The blumpy closes the ball with his sound jumpy. Often the music of this band seems joke, seems a parody of great encouragement and in The blumpy all this is extremely clear and obvious. Towards the middle of the part we have a playful and farcical monologue which lasts for quite a while. The song ends with a choir chanting type.

If the intent of MARIANNE AND THE TOILET RUNS is to combine music and drama with a touch of madness, then we just have to promote them with flying colors. Their cheerfulness and enthusiasm are suitable especially for a live show but also listening to them at home or in the car are not boring at all, rather they are just a hoot.