“Marianne and “her,” uh, associates are incredibly gifted at crafting huge power-pop hooks, catchy melodies, and possess a truly wonderful knack of getting the most jaded fuddy-duddy to smile at the stupidest of punch lines. And that, my friend, is no joke.” – Andrew Geano

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Help Marianne Toilet and The Runs get onto the Warped Tour!!!

Let’s just call it out, there ain’t nothing more warped than us!!!

Please help spread the word! Marianne Toilet and The Runs are competing to join the Warped Tour! Please click on this link, like us, share us, listen to our music!! Thank you so much for the continuous support!!! https://lnkd.in/d3_g5qb

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Marianne Toilet and The Runs are coming!!!

As we expand our reach and our fan base, we want to thank you again and remind you of all the incredible things upcoming. This will be an insane summer: recording our first album, starting to film our first music video, playing more shows and expanding outwards into New England, we are going to set this world on fire (with your help!!!)

Keep telling your friends about us, keep coming out to shows, we love you and your support!!! We promise to keep bringing it, bigger and better, dirtier, and nastier than before!!!

Thank you again!!

Marianne Toilet and The Runs

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Our newest song “To Mike Pence”

First off, sorry for the low sound and video quality. We will be sure to record a better quality version ASAP, but with all that is happening in Indiana, Arkansas, and so many other states, we wanted to get this out there as quickly as possible. We wrote this song because we are completely appalled by the lack of compassion and the downright disgusting level of hatred towards the gay community (and many other groups and communities). As much as we love to joke and have fun, great comedy is only great if you have something worth saying

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This April Fools’ Day!!!


This Wednesday April Fool’s Day 8PM-11PM EST!!!

Marianne Toilet and The Runs will be the special guest for the entirety of Sal Lizard’s radio show on SLURP 24/7!!!

For those of you that don’t know of Sal Lizard, he is a legendary B Movie actor starring in movies such as “Hillbilly Bob Zombie”, “Creature from the Hillbilly Lagoon”, played Danny’s Dad on “The Tourettes Guy” TV Series, etc.

He’s well known as the famous Vampire Santa and does stand-up comedy all over the country!! If you can listen in, please do!! If you can call in, (646) 668-8612 we’d love to talk to ya!!!


After that tune in Friday April 3rd at 10PM EST for an entire hour of Marianne Toilet and Th...

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Once again we are dumbfounded by the love and support we get from our fans! What an astronomical feet to be nominated for Live Act of the Year after literally only performing live for one full year!! And then to win?? ARE YOU KIDDING!!!

This award is a testament to our faith that the world is in need of laughter; the time has come to laugh at ourselves and our sexuality again. Sex is fun, sex is funny!!!

We can’t wait to play the next show, create the next video, release the next album… we can’t wait to keep doing what we’re doing!! Thank you all so much!

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What’s a Fifi you ask? Well check out this video and learn a little something from your favorite dirty band!!

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As of today we officially have achieved over 10,000 followers online!! Thank you so much for all your continued support and encouragement! We love our fans and we will not stop due to the relentless devotion we have towards you!!

You are in for a great 2015 with Marianne Toilet and The Runs! Some highlights include our first full-length album, our first music video, more shows, more new songs, more merchandise, MORE MORE MORE!!!

Here is a list of some shows coming up:
Wednesday January 28th @ Opus in Salem MA: FUNDRAISER!
Saturday February 14th @ PA’s Lounge in Somerville MA: with B.L.O.W.W. – Boston League Of Women Wrestlers!
Friday February 20th @ 5 Dragons in Nashua NH
Saturday February 21st @ Spotlight Tavern in Beverly MA: Our special BIRTHDAY BASH!!!
Tuesday March 3rd @ Middle E...

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Everybody’s Gettin’ Laid!!

Jacques Underground!!

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Van Dyke Brown’s Drunken Rant

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